All player overview

This feature is helpful for those players who don’t have much time to go through each player's performance and want to see the details of all the players together in one place only. With All player overview, you can access the details of all the players together and can select the best players by comparing them with each other

  • - You will also get the details like
  • - Player details, including player’s attributes
  • - Part of the Dream team
  • - Came in the bottom 20%
  • - Average fantasy points while batting first
  • - Average fantasy points while chasing first
  • - Average position rank
  • - Average team rank

All the data here are shown with the help of intuitive graphs which make it very easy to understand. To make it more simple, the performance of all the players is categorized into good, average, and poor using 3 different colors in which :

  • - Green means good
  • - Yellow means average.
  • - Red means poor

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