List of Upcoming Cricket
Tournaments in 2023

Upcoming Fantasy Cricket Tournaments are virtual competitions where participants can create their own teams made up of real-life cricket players. These players earn points based on their actual performance in live cricket matches. The participant whose virtual team earns the most points wins the tournament. These tournaments provide a unique and engaging way for cricket fans to participate in the sport and showcase their knowledge of the game. With the increasing popularity of fantasy sports, many upcoming fantasy cricket tournaments are expected to be hosted in the near future, offering players a chance to win prizes and compete against other cricket enthusiasts from around the world

Here is a list of some of the most notable
upcoming fantasy cricket tournaments in 2023

Month Tournament
Jan 2021-Dec 2023 CWC League 2 One Day
Apr 2023-Sep 2023 English County Championship
Apr 2023-Sep 2023 County Championship Division Two
Aug 2023-Oct 2023 Minor League Cricket
Aug 2023-Nov 2023 Rwanda 50 Over League
Sep 2023-Oct 2023 Pakistan Domestic Test
Sep 2023-Oct 2023 KCC T10 Emerging League
Sep 2023-Oct 2023 CSA Provincial One-Day Challenge Division Two
Sep 2023-Nov 2023 RCA T20 Womens League 2nd Edition
Sep 2023-Dec 2023 New Zealand tour of Bangladesh
Sep 2023-Oct 2023 KCC T10 Challenge Cup
Sep 2023-Dec 2023 Australia tour of India
Sep 2023-Feb 2024 Womens National Cricket League
Sep 2023-Oct 2023 Road Safety World Series
Sep 2023-Oct 2023 New Zealand Women tour of South Africa
Sep 2023-Feb 2024 Australian One Day Cup
Sep 2023-Oct 2023 European Cricket League T10
Sep 2023-Oct 2023 Oman D20 League
Sep 2023-Oct 2023 Namibia Women tour of United Arab Emirates
Sep 2023-Oct 2023 Asian Games Mens T20I
Sep 2023-Oct 2023 Mens T20 World Cup Sub Regional Asia Qualifier A
Sep 2023-Oct 2023 Chhattisgarh Mens T20 Invitation Cup
Sep 2023-Oct 2023 Mens World Cup Warm-Up Matches
Sep 2023-Oct 2023 Mens T20 World Cup Americas Region Final
Sep 2023-Oct 2023 Estonia tour of Gibraltar
Sep 2023-Oct 2023 ILT20 Development
Oct 2023-Oct 2023 Irani Cup
Oct 2023-Oct 2023 West Indies Women tour of Australia
Oct 2023-Nov 2023 Cricket World Cup