How to win money on Dream11?

JAN 15, 2024

Everybody wants to win, but not everybody wins. Daily, millions of people try their luck on Dream11, but only a few are able to surpass over a million contestants to emerge as the dream11 winners. Clearly, that won’t be easy. But a good piece of knowledge and research can bring you halfway there.

Dream11 is an online fantasy gaming platform where you create a team of real players for an upcoming match and compete with other fans for big prizes.Your team earns points based on your players' performances in the real-life match, so make sure you make the right choices. Well, it's a game of skill. You have got to know the playing conditions, pitch, player form, etc. and then you have to get your team combination right to maximize point opportunities. Don’t worry, we’ll cover everything in this blog that will help you in winning money on Dream11.

Want to know how to win money on Dream11?

Yes would be your obvious answer, else why would you be here? There is no sure shot method, though. However, you can follow these tips to help you win more matches and earn more money.

1. Avoid playing all the matches, Go for the ones you have knowledge of

The first and foremost thing that must be kept in mind is that playing more matches will not increase your chances of winning. Most players have this misconception that the more no. of matches they’ll play, they’ll have more chance of winning even if they have zero knowledge about the matches, resulting in losing their money.

Dream11 Tip

To win money on Dream11, you should play the matches only if you have knowledge of its team or its players or the ground where the match is going to be played.

2. Research is your only way to get an edge over your competitors

Like in school days, students who are prepared and study well before the exam, got good grades and always come to the top. Likewise in fantasy too, players need to do their homework before participating in any Dream11 contest. You need to do the research about all the good players of both the teams – like their current form, performance in the last 5 T20s, ODI’s or test matches, injury updates & much more.

Watching match prediction videos on YouTube, following Telegram channels for the winning team, and reading free articles on a variety of sites will give you a partial picture of the players on any given day. But involves more work and is really time-consuming. Wouldn’t it be better if you have a tool that not only gives you detailed information about every match but also provides different team combinations?

PerfectLineup is one such tool, with detailed statistics and intelligent algorithms to generate teams that help you earn money on Dream11 and other fantasy platforms.

Here are some records that you must analyze before creating your team:

  • • Check the Players’ Performance
  • • Analyze the Pitch Conditions
  • • Review the overall Team Performance
  • • See the Top Performers at the Venue
Dream11 Tip

Research is the only way that will make your team stand out in the crowd and help you win money on Dream11. A piece of good knowledge about the match, teams, players, and pitch will surely help you gain over your competition.

3. Follow your instincts about players and create your own customized team

One should focus on all-rounders in their teams, as they will give you points for both batting and bowling and are a good choice for captaincy options. Also, in limited overs matches, you should pick bowlers who bowl in the power play and death overs, as the chances of picking wickets are high.

With the new point system in Dream11, 1-2 wickets can decide the winner of a match. Also, try to go with top-order batsmen in T20s, as they will get the chance to face most deliveries in the match.

While creating your team, don’t you have an intuitive feeling about any player? In PerfectLineup, after analyzing the performance of the players, you can use the lock and remove function to keep or exclude any player from the teams and build teams as you desire. The combination of AI with your own intuition surely will help you win big.

Dream11 Tip

Always follow your instincts while creating teams and try to create your own customized teams by analyzing players' performance rather than going for paid teams.

4. The more no. of teams you create, the better your chances of Winning

A key tip that is followed by most of the Dream11 Winners is creating multiple teams for the same match. Creating teams with different combinations will increase your probability of winning. With PerfectLineup, you can generate up to 11 teams with different combinations and take them to different fantasy sports platforms.

Dream11 Tip

As you also know, the performance of the players won’t be the same every day, so it would be better to have multiple lineups with different combinations which will help you win money on Dream11.

5. Your winning and losing depend on your Captain and Vice-captain selection

A huge part of creating your team. After all, it can mean the difference between winning big or “going home”. The captain of your team gives you two times the points scored by him/her, and the vice-captain gives 1.5 times the points scored. So it’s very important to select players who you think will top the performance charts of that match, backed by research and key insights. Also, With PerfectLineup’s H2H Comparison, you can compare any two players to select your caption and vice-captain if you have any confusion between any two players. So, you can make your choice of whom to go with.

Dream11 Tip

Deciding your Captain and Vice-captain is a very crucial decision, and this is the point that will make all the difference.

6. Don't Put All your Eggs in One Basket

Another big mistake that fantasy players make is that after they win a match or two, they invest all their money in one match. If luck doesn’t favor them, they lose all their money. So, avoid losing all your money and play safe.

Dream11 Tip

You should invest an equal amount in every match. For example, if you have Rs.10000 you should divide it into 10 parts i.e., invest Rs.1000 in every match. This way you can earn more in a long run in Dream11.

7. Where there is a Win, there is a Risk

This is the point that will make a big difference in your game. Maximum people are afraid to take risks on new players or least-selected players and end up having some players like others. You need to understand that no player will perform the same way in every match, and this is where “research” helps you a lot.

Dream11 Tip

Always remember that if you want to be the next Dream11 Winner, you need to have a unique team and for that, you need to take a bet on 2-3 players. Taking a risk on one or two players can help you win big.

Without a surprise, anyone, who comes to this platform, wants to win big, that too in a short time. For this, they take shortcuts and ultimately end up losing all their money. It is important to not be greedy and try always to try to make a good team.

At PerfectLineup, we have a lot of users who are winning daily on Dream11 and other popular fantasy platforms. It is not only helping them save time and effort in researching ideal fantasy team combinations, but also provides fantasy predictions and suggestions that are helping them maximize earnings across various fantasy contests.

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