Advanced Lineup Generator

Create your own team with PerfectLineup’s Lineup Generator feature by locking your favorite players and getting suggestions to automatically complete lineups. The combination of AI along with the user’s own intuition and the flexibility to lock and limit players, helps them turn these raw projections into powerful lineups for any game format.

3 basis to create your teams:

Perfect Lineup Prediction: Here you can generate lineups on the basis of PerfectLineup’s analysis of various fantasy cricket data points.

Recent Performances: On the basis of the Player’s performance in the last 5 matches, you can generate your lineups.

Dream Team Appearances: Get your lineups on the basis of the Player’s frequent appearances in Dream Team in the last 5 matches.

There are 2 types of Lineup Generator:

Simple Lineup Generator – Generate up to 100 lineups at a time on different bases to boost your chances of winning. The following features will be available:

  • - 3 Different bases to generate Lineups
  • - Locking and Excluding players
  • - Estimated Projected points and Salary caps
  • - Manage player selection – select the percentage of a particular player's appearance in your teams

Advanced Lineup Generator – Along with the features mentioned in Simple Lineup Generator, you will also get other features like:

  • - Team Selection Preferences: This feature will help you pick more players (up to 7) from your favorite team or a team you think is going to win.
  • - Pick Team Formation: This feature will give you the flexibility to pick your own fixture or combinations to create your custom team
  • - Team Variation: This feature allows you to select your strategy for having different teams or similar teams with different Captains and Vice-captains.
  • - C & VC Settings: Through this feature, you can select your Captain and Vice-captain from the available suggestion

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