PerfectLineup Coverage
Index (PLCI): Unveiling
Player Involvement for
Fantasy Success

Tired of guessing which players will truly impact your fantasy
cricket team? Introducing the PerfectLineup Coverage Index
(PLCI), a revolutionary metric that goes beyond traditional stats
to reveal a player's true involvement in the game. PLCI isn't just
another number; it's a game-changer. By understanding a
player's PLCI, you can make informed decisions, build balanced
lineups, and dominate your fantasy league

Impact Players for Today Match

PLCI: How it Works and

What it Means?

PLCI is a comprehensive metric that analyzes both batting and bowling coverage,
painting a complete picture of a player's potential contribution

Batting Coverage

Reflects the likelihood of a batsman
facing deliveries, factoring in their
position and recent form. A higher
value indicates they're likely to bat for
an extended period, potentially
scoring more runs

Bowling Coverage

Assesses the probability of a bowler
bowling their full quota of overs,
based on their recent bowling history.
A high value suggests they'll have
more opportunities to take wickets
and earn fantasy points

Overall Coverage

Averages the batting and bowling
coverage, providing a single score
representing a player's total
involvement in game. A higher overall
PLCI indicates they're likely to have a
significant impact on both aspects

Interpreting the Numbers

100% Batting Coverage

This player, typically an opener, has the
highest chance to face the most deliveries,
maximizing their run-scoring potential

100% Bowling Coverage

This bowler consistently bowls their full
quota, increasing their wicket- taking
opportunities and fantasy points

Utilizing PLCI for Strategic
Fantasy Team Building

PLCI isn't just a metric; it's a strategic tool for fantasy cricket enthusiasts

  • Build Balanced Lineups

    PLCI helps you create a team with players actively
    involved in both batting and bowling, ensuring a
    well-rounded performance

  • Informed Choices

    Analyze a player's PLCI alongside their recent form
    and involvement to make strategic decisions about who to
    pick and who to sit

  • Identify Hidden Gems

    Players with consistently high overall PLCI, even if
    they're not superstars, can be valuable assets due to
    their consistent involvement

PLCI is more than just a stat; it's a powerful tool for fantasy success. By incorporating it into your strategy,
you'll gain an edge over your competitors and build teams that consistently dominate
Remember PLCI is a valuable tool, but use it alongside your own
cricket knowledge and analysis for optimal results

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