Introducing Player Combinations

Identify the best
player combinations that
is likely to score big
when picked together

Our Player Combinations feature utilizes advanced algorithms to
analyze historical data, revealing which players perform exceptionally
well together. Craft unbeatable lineups by strategically pairing high-scoring
teammates and uncovering hidden synergies that can give you the edge
over your rivals. Start winning like a pro today!

Check out the cricket player combinations

Player Combinations: Unlock

hidden Player Synergies

Use advanced analytics to identify player pairings who historically
produce strong results when playing together, allowing you to factor in
team and match dynamics into your fantasy team

Correlation Analysis

Identify best player combinations
by seeing how their performances
correlate across metrics such
as Fantasy Points and Dream Team Appearances

Synergy Indicator

A simple rating system
indicates whether a pair typically
plays well together based on
historical data

Contextual Filters

Factor in toss scenarios, projected
scores and expected margin of victory
to identify the best player combinations
according to match situations and
ground conditions

Reading the Player combination matrix

A correlation matrix helps you understand the relationship between the past performances
of two cricket players in the same team. Here's how to read it

The matrix is a table with player
names listed on both the rows
and columns

Each cell within the table represents the correlation
coefficient between the performances of the two players
listed on the corresponding row and column headers

Understanding the Values

Correlation coefficient
This value ranges from -1 to +1
  • +1

    Indicates a strong positive correlation. The players
    tend to perform well together (high scores when one
    scores high, and vice versa)

  • 0

    Indicates no correlation. There's no significant
    relationship between their performances

  • -1

    Indicates a strong negative correlation. When one
    player performs well, the other typically performs
    poorly (high score for one coincides with low score
    for the other)

Interpreting the Matrix

Find the players you're interested in

Look for their names on the rows and columns

Locate the corresponding cell

This cell will show the correlation coefficient
between their performances

Interpret the value

Use the explanation above to
understand the strength and direction
of their performance correlation

Generate your custom analysis

using contextual filters to factor in team

strengths and match conditions

The Player Combinations feature can be further enhanced by allowing users to generate
custom correlation matrices based on specific contextual filters. These filters can help analyze
player performance in specific scenarios, providing more nuanced insights

  • Match Data

    Date Range: Analyze player performance over the
    past 30 matches or focus on the current series

  • Toss Scenarios

    Explore top player combinations for all scenarios,
    batting first, or chasing

  • Match Context

    Identify player pairings likely to perform well
    in high-scoring, low-scoring, or close matches (by
    margin of victory)


Informed decision-making

Fantasy cricket: Gain insights into player
combinations that historically perform well together,
aiding in building stronger fantasy teams with a
higher chance of scoring points

Identifying potential partnerships

The matrix can help discover promising
player combinations, especially when analyzing
performances of less established players

Exploring performance trends

By analyzing the matrix under different filters (e.g.,
toss scenario, match format), you can identify how
player combinations fare in different contexts. This
provides valuable insights into potential
performance variations and helps in making
informed predictions

Uncover team dynamics

By analyzing correlations for different player
combinations, gain insights into a team's
strengths and weaknesses in various aspects
(e.g., batting partnerships, bowling attack
effectiveness). This knowledge can be valuable
for strategizing against specific opponents and
developing game plans

Player Combinations

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Learning algorithms, we're transforming how fantasy
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Our Mission

To empower fantasy cricket enthusiasts with predictive
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PL Labs leverages the power of sophisticated ML models to provide you
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to offer you insights you simply can't find anywhere else

  • Sophisticated Machine Learning Algorithms

    At the heart of PL Labs are our advanced ML models,
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  • Data-Driven Insights

    We transform raw data into meaningful insights, giving you
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