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Prakash Patel

Jodhpur, Rajasthan

WON ₹1 Crore

I was very surprised to see that the very first team I created with PerfectLineup helped me win the Grand league on D11. The app is amazing & increases your chances of winning by generating 11 different team combinations.

Omprakash Gautam

Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh

WON ₹1.5 Lakh

With PerfectLineup, I can even create teams for the matches I don't know about. Here I get all kinds of information like player performance, venue and pitch reports, and team combinations, with the help of which I can make my teams easily.

Saumitro Roy

Raiganj, West Benga

WON ₹1 Lakh

With PerfectLineup, I can save a lot of time that I had to spend on research and focus more on creating unique teams. It allows you to lock and remove players by analyzing their performance and generate up to 11 teams with different combinations.

Amit Atri


WON ₹51000

Earlier it was very difficult to find the data of all the players but now not only do I get the records of players and teams but also I can easily create up to 11 teams in just a few minutes with PerfectLineup.

Sourav Agrawal

Jamshedpur, Jharkhand

'WON ₹45000

During the 2nd match of IPL, I got 2nd rank and won 45k by generating the team through PerfectLineup. The stats and combinations available on PerfectLineup helps a lot in generating my team.


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