Batting Order

Are you also selecting those players in your teams who aren’t getting a chance to play? Then you must need to check the batting order feature of PerfectLineup before finalizing your team and ensure that you picked the ones who are having more chances of playing. With the Batting Order feature, you can select players according to their batting order to ensure your lineups have players that are contributing at all stages of a match. Here you can also find players who are most impactful in death overs and power plays along with their statistics.

PerfectLineup’s algorithm analyzes the last 5 matches and shows you the expected batting order for the match along with the batting fantasy points scored by players. You also get other details like :

  • - Players part of the Dream team
  • - Players in the bottom 20%
  • - Details like DNP (Did not play) and DNB (Did not bat) in any match
  • - Top bowlers and batsmen in Power plays
  • - Top bowlers in death overs

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